All the information regarding shipping you should be able to find on this page. If you still have any questions about it after reading this, feel free to contact me!


We ship for free! So, you only pay for the product; I never charge for shipping.


Please take great care when sending me your shipping information. It is vital that there are no errors there, and the format is all fine to have the highest success rate. Make sure to include:

1. Name:
2. Street + house number (also apartment name or number, or any other information if necessary):
3. City/Town/State/Zip code:
4. Country:

Tracking with every order.

With over 20.000 successful sales in just 1 year, you can rest assured that my method of shipping is extremely discreet, efficient, and prompt.

How long?
Indications for shipping time (in business days):
+ EU: 1-3 days
+ USA/Canada: 4–7 days
+ Australia: 10-15 days
+ Rest of the World: 10-20 days