Return policy

Here are our general terms and conditions, which everyone who orders from me agrees to when they place an order. Please read them carefully, because if something goes wrong with your order, we’ll sort it out on the basis of these terms. From my experience of doing business on The Darkweb, problems with orders can be divided into three groups:

  1. order has not arrived

If an order has not arrived within 10 days (EU) or 20 days (rest of the world), this order can be considered a “no-show” (lost). A 50% return policy only for trusted customers (at least 2 previous orders) in case of no-show. First time buyers can get an extra 50% of the lost order on the next new order. We only ship back once.

  1. The quality is not right

We’re not the toughest to deal with, so if the quality really isn’t what you’re used to, We’ll be happy to turn you down if we get more complaints about it.

For the record: Your nose, your body – these are not tests. For example, people who are used to mixed cocaine and have never tasted pure cocaine will never in a million years like pure cocaine when they first consume it; they’ll think it’s crap because they’re used to the high they get from the chemicals mixed into the bad cocaine they normally consume.

  1. Getting the wrong item

Be it that the quantity is wrong, or you received a completely different drug than you ordered; we’ll grant you a 100% return immediately if you provide me with proof with pictures of your entire shipment.