Refund policy

We know you worry about your money and where you put it, and you often ask yourself,” How do I get my money back if this does not work? “Stop worrying, because we’ve got you covered. Because all our products are lab tested, we trust them and know you will love them, and we are users of these products as well. We trust our services; however, if you don’t like the product, if it just doesn’t work for you, return it, and we will refund you the full amount except the shipping fee, as this payment goes directly to the courier company.

Items purchased with us can be returned under the following conditions:

Wrong Item Received
If your delivery is incorrect for any reason, i.e., an item has been missed from your order or you have received the wrong item, then we will automatically replace or refund your order at your request. If you require a refund, then you must inform us immediately and not open any of the packages themselves. We will then ask you to return the goods, and upon arrival at our office, we will refund you via your original payment method.

Items Faulty on Arrival
If your items turn out to be faulty on arrival, then we also ask that you let us know immediately via our Contact Us form or email. Items should be returned in their original packaging with any accompanying documentation or accessories. If we can verify the fault at our end, then we will issue a replacement to be sent out the very same day. We can also issue a full refund if you wish, and your payment will be returned via your original payment method. We will analyze the return goods, and if they prove not to be faulty, we will return the item to you, and you will be liable for the return transit costs.

Items Damaged in Transit
If any items have been damaged in transit, we ask that you report it to us immediately upon receipt of the goods. Items should be returned in their original packaging, complete with accessories and documents. Once received back to our base, we will issue a replacement item or refund the full value of your order via your original method of payment.