THC infused Chocolate


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THC infused Chocolate

Chocolate Vegan with THC Infusion Aroma and Taste
The chocolate has a flavor and taste of rich dark chocolate with hints of skunk.

Impacts and Characteristics of THC-infused Vegan Chocolate
This premium vegan Swiss chocolate has a nice, mild high thanks to the cannabinoid infusion. To attain the desired result, we advise beginning with a little amount of tolerance and waiting for thirty to forty minutes. Recommended for users with experience.

THC infused chocolate vegan ingredients
This product contains about 350 mg of THC (58 mg each piece) and is composed of vegan Swiss dark chocolate. The Stardawg THC flowers are used to make the oil. The chocolate is 8 by 3 by 1.5 cm in length, width, and height.